Couples Therapy

Flourish Christian Counseling helps couples in all stages and seasons of their relationship. Couples Counseling can provide an essential relationship tune-up, whether you’re newly married, engaged, in a dating relationship, have children, or have been married for a while or for many decades.

If you are interested in improving your interpersonal communication, would like to fight less, or feel more connected, a Couple’s Session can be a valuable resource and sounding board to refresh and make improvements in your relationship.

Therapy addresses what ever the couple brings in to the session whether it involves current concerns or old hurts. In dealing with old hurts and betrayals, we work to create a safe environment where every wound can be soothed. In dealing with the day to day struggles of life, specific conversations are facilitated.

Even if your loved one does not want to come to Couple’s Counseling, a few sessions of individual counseling with a psychotherapist can be very helpful, as you explore the meaning of your reactions, as well as, other ways of dealing with the problems you are experiencing.

Couples Counseling help you understand your relationship and gives you the skills you need to restore connection, communicate more effectively, navigate confrontation, recover from fights or contention, and get your relationship back on track. Relationships benefit from compromise where possible and acceptance where differences are likely to persist. 

What are the benefits of Couple’s Counseling

Numerous benefits of couple’s therapy include:

  • Developing healthy communication patterns, which lead to healthy conflict resolution skills
  • Learning communication skills that will foster a healthy relationship
  • Learning how to be assertive in different situations without being offensive
  • Learning how to express one’s needs without resentment or anger
  • Learning acceptance and forgiveness
  • Processing and working through unresolved issues, as a result of the supportive, therapeutic environment, which allows the couple to express their feelings in a safe environment
  • A deeper and more meaningful understanding of oneself and of one’s partner
  • The ability to address and work through a crisis or any unresolved issues which may be holding you back
  • Increased honesty and trust

Recommended Reading

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