Individual Support for Children/Teens

Signs to Watch for:

Psychotherapy can help children and families understand and resolve problems, modify behavior, and make positive changes in their lives. Have you noticed any changes in your child’s behavior? Child and Teen behavior changes and adapts as they continue to reach developmental milestones, starting in early childhood throughout adolescence. Does your child appears unsettled or restless? Are you concerned how your child is acting or do you notice extreme changes in their behavior? Therapy matches the pace of the child and is individualized to your child’s specific needs. We will use the therapeutic approach that is the most beneficial to your child, so they feel supported and safe.

  • Have the grades of your child started to drop? Are they getting in trouble at school?
  • Is your child or teen struggling socially? Are they being bullied or are they bullying others?
  • Does your child seem, insecure, anxious, or depressed?
  • Has your child or family experienced the loss of a loved one?
  • Has there been a crisis in the family or at school? Have they witnessed or been impacted by something traumatic?
  • Is your child struggling from a recent divorce or separation?
  • Are you looking for support for your child with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Anxiety, Anger issues, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, or OCD?
  • Are you looking for support for Self Harm issues and Distress Tolerance skills?
  • Does your child have body dysmorphic issues or low self-esteem?
  • Are they struggling with any eating disorders?
  • Has your child had a panic attack?
  • Is your high school student preparing their college applications and feeling extraordinary academic pressure or sport performance pressure?
  • Is Social Media affecting your child negatively?
  • If your child is suffering from low self-esteem they could benefit from some Self-Compassion coping skills.
  • There are positive and effective ways to lower stress and irritability by practicing relaxation techniques and developing an understanding of coping skills that will help to regulate their emotions.

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